Could This Be Us?

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As we begin our day, with busy schedules……scrambling through the hassles of living, loving, working/studying (all at the same time); do we ever take a moment to pause and ponder seriously about what is most important in life?
Say you are not in this category, maybe one of those people doing nothing really, who wake up to no serious obligations, I’m sure you also stop to think about life…but of course you do, judging by how much time you probably have on your hands.

Regardless of your life’s circumstances, do you feel emptiness of some sort, unfulfillment, and maybe dissatisfaction?Do you sometimes feel burned out and start to ask yourself these questions:
• Who am I?
• Why do I exist?
• What is my purpose in life?
• Am I on the right track?
• How do I take charge?
• What is the most important thing right now?

In the process of pondering, reflecting and mulling over these questions you begin to realize that life in itself, in all its fullness is nothing but a mystery…an enigma that is not supposed to be all figured out from the start.

You then come to terms with the fact that ultimately, yours is no different from the next; that we all have our dilemmas and challenges as we strive to be better tomorrow than we are today. It becomes clear that this alone is the reason for why we do the things we do. For this is the reason we go to school, the reason we get jobs, the reason we chase our dreams and finally the reason we believe in our faith.

With all these in mind, we finally get the true picture. We eventually open up to the reality that a vital part of our lives is to just be aware that there are certain things that are independent of our thoughts, hopes and dreams. The quality of life therefore becomes a function of the extent to which we take things one-step at a time and recognize our “First things”. By identifying this, we become empowered to actually understanding what is most important and putting these things first in our lives in the hopes of getting to our desired destination. We also acknowledge that all the wishing and even all the hard work in the world, if not based on valid standards, will not produce the quality of life we aspire for.

Wherefore, we realize that it is not enough to just dream, it is not enough to just value things and it definitely not enough to just say ‘I can’.
The effort has to be based on practical realities that produce realistic results.
Only then can we dream, only then can we set goals and only then can we work to achieve things with confidence.

Alone in the closet who ever you are, you ask: is this me? Is this my story?




Intro: Doyn actually talks!

Aloha! I am Doyin Lawal: Happy kid with dancing feet, story teller, fun lover, adventure seeker, your regular girl next door but a queen in her own right.

Generally, I’d say I come off as a quiet person and one who is always in her own space minding her business… least this is the impression I think people have of me (based on feedback of course)  but what people don’t know is that ohhhh I actually talk and I talk a lot!!!!! Lol! I’m very witty and I have these crazy conversations with myself in my head and that’s basically what I’d be dishing out on this blog.

I’m here to share my thoughts and everyday experiences, start up those weird conversations (things people never really discuss openly), inspire, motivate and share thought provoking stories.

This is a movement! I’m going to be shifting gears, shaking tables and switching things up and I’d like you to join me. So please feel free to drop your comments, share your stories and speak your minds. Let’s keep this train moving.

I look forward to what seems like an incredible journey!

Lots of love,